Due to rising energy price caps, the cost of 1 kWh of electricity is currently 34p*. The average UK household in the uses nearly 4000 kWh of electricity each year.
That’s an average annual electricity bill of £1360.
As CLIP can save you up to 20% on your electricity bills, we’ve worked out how much you can save per year...
*Correct at time of writing (March 2023) according to Gov.uk [https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/energy-bills-support/energy-bills-support-factsheet-8-september-2022].
You can save up to £192 on your electricity bill by spending just under £6.70 on CLIP per month. That’s the same price as 2 cups of coffee!
As CLIP helps households use up to 20% less electricity, it’s great for the environment too. For every 23 households that use CLIP, we are saving as much CO2 as removing an entire car from our roads! Check out our CO2 savings goals below!
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