Frequently Asked Questions
What does CLIP offer beyond current solutions?
Why is CLIP better than having smart plugs?

CLIP can identify all of your appliances with one device. With smart plugs, you would need a smart plug per appliance and they cost around £20 each. Another benefit of CLIP is that we can provide you electricity tracking for appliances that you cannot easily reach with a smart plug (like your lights, fitted fridges and dishwashers).

Why is this better than a smart meter?

Currently, smart meters only provide total power data - the overall amount all your appliances are using. Whilst this is useful, it means to really identify how much each of your appliances is using you have to do trial and error. CLIP removes this burden, telling you appliance specific data and additional insights to help you use less energy. Also, smart meters send all your data to your energy provider, and we don’t!

Why is this better than googling solutions?

Targets have to be smart. Whilst Google can tell you general things you can do to reduce your energy consumption, it won’t know your own usage habits. CLIP suggests specific and measurable changes to really make a difference, remove any stress and motivate you to keep saving. Plus, to have the greatest impact, you have to how much energy each of your appliances is actually using.

How does CLIP work?
How do you personalise your advice to me?

By processing your total power data through our machine learning algorithms, we gain appliance-specific data for your electricity usage. We then combine this with real-world appliance knowledge to provide actionable advice, targeting the main energy wasting appliances in your home.

Is it safe for me to put in my fuse box?

CLIP is completely safe to put in your fuse box. Simply switch it on, connect it to your wi-fi and CLIP it over your fuse box’s live wire. CLIP does the rest. Has your power ever gone out and you had to flip a switch in your fuse box? CLIP is as safe as doing that. If you have any concerns, feel free to get in contact and we’ll help you to quickly and easily get CLIP installed!

What kind of insights can you give me?

We know specific examples are the best way to convey the value of our insights. Take one of our initial user trials for example. Like many people, this house streamed series through their games console, and we found out this used 4x more electricity than their TV. We suggested they buy a smart TV stick instead; one simple change to save them £14 a year on their electricity bill.

What do you do with my data?

CLIP doesn’t share your data with anyone else. It is only used to provide you with specific insights, and to improve our algorithms which, in turn, ensure you get a better service. All data used to train our algorithm is anonymised so there is no way it can be traced back to your individual household.

When can I buy CLIP?

We’re currently doing research and development to refine our our product and software to ensure we can provide you with accurate insights and the best electricity bill savings. To get our product earlier than others, sign up to our mailing list to hear more about becoming a beta tester and having a say in improving CLIP.

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